Harlands Primary School

EYFS  Activities

Literacy related ideas

Practise letter formation - following the corrent formation.  Letter families are in the children's green reading diaries.

Tricky words - look at your tricky words:

  • put them into sentences
  • play pairs
  • play hunt the tricky words
  • look for tricky words in your reading book, magazines or other books

Labelling - find a simple picture you can label.  Use a ruler, add labels, and a sentence.

Reading Books

  • read your book
  • hunt for the vowels in your book
  • make up an alternative ending
  • design a new front cover for your book
  • review your book (adult to scribe) - what is the best bit; would you recommend it to others;  why?
  • are there any words you did not know the meaning of


Practice asking and answering questions.  Be clear about the difference between a question and a statement or sentence.  A question needs an answer

"A" or "an" and vowels "magic e"

  • sort words into "a" or "an" set
  • find as many "magic e" words as you can eg time, cake
  • find as many words as you can without vowels
  • vowel race - which vowel will win the race in that book, on that page?
  • making a mini book;  an alphabet book;  something for each letter;  or a Jack and the Beanstalk book.

Hot seating - an adult pretends to be a character eg the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, and the child asks questions.  Then try reversing the roles.

Maths related ideas

Simple problem solving involving addition and subtraction 

eg I had 7 apples (draw the apples);  I needed 4 more (draw 4 more).  How many apples did I have altogether.  Write this as a number sentence ie 7 + 4 = 11

I had 8 oranges (draw the oranges);  3 fell on the floor (cross out 3 oranges - not rub out).  How many oranges were left.  Write this as a number sentence ie 8 - 3 = 5

Counting various items around the house accurately

Saying one more/one less up to and beyond 20

Practice writing numbers correctly

A lot of these suggestions could be done on a screen, but if possible try to do them practically - using objects, paper and pencil - so that screen time is limited.

Other ideas

  • Jigsaws
  • Board games
  • Boxes
  • Hangman
  • I-Spy
  • Painting
  • Drawing