Harlands Primary School

Y5 At MID SUSSEX Science WEEK event

During the week of the 11th June-15th June, Year 5 participated in the Mid Sussex Science Week. This week allows the children to be partnered with a company to see how science is used in the real world. This year we were partnered with Mr Morphew from BSE3D (an electrical engineer) and the children found out about different types of energy and how we can turn potential energy into kinetic energy. The children thought about how energy may be used in the future and the importance that this will have on saving our planet. Throughout the week, the children participated in many different experiments including making a balloon/elastic band powered vehicle and launching rocket launches.
On Friday 15th, a small group of children attended the science fair at Clair Hall to showcase our project, watch a science show and complete a design challenge. This year we were successful in winning in the design challenge in which the children had to build a bridge to support a water bottle using only spaghetti and masking tape. 
Updated June 2018