Harlands Primary School


Sportscrew is a district-wide initiative, led by Mid-Sussex Active, which encourages all primary schools to train children to be the sports coaches and leaders of the future.  At Harlands, our Sportscrew is composed of 8-10 children from year 6.

The Harlands' Sportscrew have three main aims:  to have fun, to learn how to help others have fun, and to provide additional fitness and sporting opportunities for the children of Harlands School.

The Sportscrew receive external training from Mid-Sussex Active coaches, as well as expert guidance from our own PE co-ordinator.  However, it is through the experiences they gain when planning and delivering events/activities that they learn the most.

Sportscrew is very much about developing future coaches and leaders, so the children are involved in the planning and delivery stage of all the events they are involved in.

This year, our Harlands Sportscrew will be taking primary responsibility for enhancing the number of organised play opportunities available to all children at playtime and lunchtime.

The minutes of the weekly Sportscrew meetings are being posted on the website so that everyone can see what the Sportscrew are doing.

The Sportscrew have smart easily identifiable hoodies.

Updated 20 September 2019