Harlands Primary School

2019 Y6 School Journey to the Isle of Wight

Postcript; as always, the school journey is followed by a "sharing assembly".  The narrator's script is available here.

Updated 7 June 2019

A massive thank you is due to the school staff who are supporting our Year 6 children this week, and for sending back the photographs for inclusion on our website.  We hope you enjoy trying to spot your child.  We are pretty certain we have managed to include all of them somewhere in the galleries!

Friday lunchtime  - and this is year 6 signing off from Carisbrooke Castle after a really lovely week.  Next stop, home, tired but happy and with lots of very special memories (not to mention a suitcase full of crumpled clothes!).

Thursday night/Friday morning

The end of a perfect day, followed by the reality of getting everything back into the cases, and then a trip to Carisbrooke Castle to round off the week















The beach at Whitecliffe Bay is truly stunning, and the children were able to enjoy a very relaxed morning building sandcastles, going for a paddle, and posing for the traditional Harlands photo taken from the cliff top.













Thursday morning

Today the children will be spending the morning on the beach.  Last night's entertainment was a home-grown affair, with everyone - staff included - taking part in a Talent Show.  











Wednesday afternoon

It has been an action-packed day at Robin Hill.  The children have enjoyed the rides - Colossus is always a favourite.  The peacock joined the children at lunch, and this afternoon the group have seen a falconry display.








Wednesday morning

The children are just gathering to leave for their trip to Robin Hill, and there is great excitement.  Meanwhile, overnight we have received further pictures.

The first batch is all of Miss Windle's group on Jacobs Ladder.  









 The second batch received overnight is of the team challenge.



And last but not least, we spare a thought for the staff accompanying the children who have to work extremely hard this week, but they do sometimes get the chance to have a go.  We think year 6 had better watch out as Mr Colgate is said to be quite good with a bow and arrow.   Not sure he enjoyed the Leap of Faith as much.



Tuesday lunchtime

Mrs Coldman has kindly shared the following pictures.  See if you can work out which brave children have made it to the top.  



Mrs Glew says:  "Good morning from a gorgeous sunny Isle of Wight.  The children are all ready for a day of activities after a lovely late breakfast at 8.25am.  Alex is celebrating his birthday."


 Monday pm

We have had confirmation just after 1.00pm today (20 May) that the children have arrived safely at Kingswood and are now having a run around before going to their dormitories and starting their activity programme.