Harlands Primary School

Changes to the Governing Body

The following changes in governors have taken place in the last two academic years (latest change first):

Updated January 2020


Mr D McKeown-Webster - appointed as (Acting) Headteacher from 1 January 2020, and therefore ex officio governor

Mrs J Goodlace - retired as Headteacher, 31 December 2019

Mrs A Young - resigned as Member/Chair of Governors and governor, 31 August 2019

Mr D Nisbet - appointed as a co-opted governor from 28 March 2019

Mrs H Speight - appointed as a co-opted governor from 17 January 2019

Mrs L Francis - resigned as Member/Governor, consequent upon appointment as Finance Manager from 5 November 2018 

Ms R Datoo - appointed as parent governor (there being no other nominations) for a four year term from 22 October 2018

Mr J Beynon - stood down as parent governor at the end of his term of office on 21 October 2018

Mr W Farr - governor, resigned 28 November 2017

Mrs V Gilsenan - re-appointed as parent governor for a further four year term from 24 September 2017

Mrs S Sansom - re-appointed as a governor from 21 September 2017

Mr M Swiggs - appointed as a governor from 21 September 2017

Mr J  Beynon - stood down as Chair of Governors from 31 August 2017, and has been replaced by Mrs A Young.

Mrs C Larocque - became Vice-Chair of Governors with effect from 6 July 2017, filling the vacancy created when Mr J Beynon became chair.


Mr J Beynon - became Chair of Governors as a result of the resignation of Mrs L Francis as Chair on 22 May 2017.  However, Mrs L Francis remains a Member and Governor.

Mrs S Sansom - governor/member (originally appointed parent governor 01 September 1996, resigned 17 January 2017)

Mrs J Treharne - governor (originally appointed parent governor 19 October 1999, resigned 17 November 2016)

Mr D Simmonds - staff governor (appointed 24 September 2012, term of office ends 23 September 2016)

Mr R Bryan - parent governor (appointed, 21 September 2012, term of office ended 20 September 2016)