Harlands Primary School

Friday 15th January kicks off our ‘Fun Friday’ virtual series at Harlands School!

Each week, there will be a new music video uploaded to the school website for pupils and parents to enjoy from home, with the option of taking part in that week’s fun, musical activity.

This week, as it is half-term, there is no activity, but the updated music video for the fourth challenge  ‘Feeling Good' with your Spring pictures is here.  

The updated file for the third challenge 'Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow" featuring your bird photographs is available here.

The updated file for the second challenge 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' featuring your mountain photographs is available here.

The winner of the first challenge, to provide an alternative second verse to The Circle of Life is available here.  Congratulations to George and Gill!

Updated 12 February 2021