Harlands Primary School


As we do not have any kitchen facilities at Harlands, all children will need to bring packed lunches.

Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school meal (UFSM).  

These lunches are optional and some parents prefer to supply their child with a packed lunch, which should be kept in a box labelled with the child's name and class. 

From September 2019, we will be working in partnership with Pioneer Childcare who will be delivering a bespoke, high quality, packed lunch service, exclusively for Harlands, for our Infant children only in the first instance.

The Pioneer registration form is available to download, and includes further information on the options available, and how to sign up for these lunches.








 “Great to see this new initiative to improve the school lunches.  They are tasty and customised for the infant children at Harlands. Such a vast improvement on the previous offering, can’t wait for September!” - Mrs B, Parent

"The Pioneer team has worked with Harlands -parents, class reps, governors and staff - over several months to understand what we want for our children. They are determined to reduce waste - both in terms of packaging (no more single use plastic!) and by making lunches simple, fresh and, most importantly, tasty." - Parent Governor

Pioneers can also accommodate (pre-notified) individual dietary requirements. This will allow a greater number of parents to confidently benefit from a free, nutritionally-balanced, school lunch their child(ren) will be happy to eat.

Looking to the future, Pioneer hope to be able to offer lunches at a small charge for children in Years 3-6.

However, in the meantime, we ask parents to provide a packed lunch in a box labelled with the child's name and class.  Please wrap sandwiches to avoid accidents occurring when the box is opened and ensure that drinks are contained in cartons or plastic bottles.  If you prefer to give your child a drink in a flask (not glass), make sure they can manage the screw top.  Also, please remember that water is always available, and that the mid-day assistants will give the children any help they require.

Some children in Years 3-6 are also entitled to free school meals (if you receive certain forms of state benefit you may be eligible for them).  If your child is entitled to them, you do not have to take up the free meal, but your child's eligibility will entitle the school to receive Pupil Premium funding which allows remission from certain charges.   Please click here for the current application form for free school meals which gives further details of the eligibility criteria.

Updated 3 July 2019