Harlands Primary School

School Uniform

Harlands Primary School Uniform 

Children should wear well-fitting, dark-coloured leather (or leather substitute) shoes to school. High heels, platform soles or sandals with thin straps are not permitted for safety reasons.

They should only wear trainers during PE sessions. Children should always wear socks, even in warm weather.

Children are expected to wear their uniform tidily. Hair should be off the face and shoulder length hair or longer should be tied up at all times to allow children to see their work properly and keep safe in moving around the school. The wearing of elaborate hair accessories is not encouraged.

Space on pegs is very limited. Children should not bring bulky bags to school. If they have a lot to bring to school, please provide a bag that collapses when empty.

There are often free delivery offers during the Summer term, which we will inform you about via the weekly newsletter. 

Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school. If your child has pierced ears, small stud ear-rings are the only safe type. Watches are the child's responsibility. Children should not wear transfers, make-up or nail varnish. We do not allow children to bring in mobile phones except in exceptional circumstances and with special permission.

Please mark all clothing with the child's name. (An indelible laundry marker is the simplest and quickest method.)

Marks and Spencer are able to supply all the items apart from green socks, bookbags and PE bags.  We have made price and quality comparisons with other major suppliers to ensure that you will be receiving best value for money.  M&S uniforms are of exactly the same quality as those found in M&S high street stores.

Items can be ordered on-line and delivered to home for a small charge, currently £3.50.  Returns will be free of charge. There are often free delivery offers during the Summer term, which we will inform you about via the weekly newsletter. 


The link to access our uniform is www.mandsyourschooluniform.com/hampshire-west-sussex

The children have told us that they feel proud to wear the Harlands logo and the School Council have welcomed the opportunity to display the logo on more items of clothing.

Key Features

  • Harlands logo on V neck jumper, cardigan and polo shirts (NB. plain polo shirts can be worn under jumpers/cardigans.  However, a polo shirt with logo will be required when jumpers/cardigans are likely to be removed)
  • Harlands logo on PE t-shirts and green sweatshirt 
  • green PE shorts
  • optional reversible waterproof fleece lined jacket available with Harlands logo
  • summer options (gingham/striped dresses and shorts) available without logo

Details of uniform requirements


  • green cotton rich cardigan with embroidered Harlands logo OR
  • green cotton rich V-neck pullover with embroidered Harlands logo
  • white cotton short sleeved polo shirt with embroidered Harlands logo
  • grey pleated skirt, grey pinafore OR grey trousers
  • black shoes
    Summer variation (optional)
  • Girls:  Green and white gingham or striped dress
  • Boys:  Grey shorts


  • white round neck t-shirt with embroidered Harlands logo
  • green cotton shorts
  • plimsolls or trainers

Outdoors - as Indoor plus

  • green football socks
  • green round neck sweatshirt with embroidered Harlands logo - existing school sweatshirts may be worn
  • plain black elasticated leg jogging trousers
  • football boots (optional, for cross country)


  • green reversible waterproof fleece lined jacket
  • green cap with embroidered Harlands logo


  • small green backpack with Harlands logo
  • green bookbag with printed Harlands logo - available from School Office
  • green PE bag with printed Harlands logo - available from School Office